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Server moved!

Thanks to the awesome Wayne the Wizard, our server is now located in a cool (in every sense of the word) room! Hopefully, downtimes will become less and less frequent!

Server location troubles

As it gets hotter and Hanover continues to neglect AC, we're experiencing frequent overheating of the server, causing outages. We're working on a solution to this!

1.5.2 login bug

A bug arose when we transitioned to 1.5.2 with server connection. You will need to use "direct connect" to reach the server while we sort this out.

New economy setup!

The old item based setup no longer works. Exchange your items for banknotes at the bank located in the market!

Server Op Search

We are looking for another server operator and server staff. If you feel you're up for the task, blitz Ryan Amos

Player shops now available!

Warp to the Market location on the Players StarGate network for the central market for details on setup. While shops can be set up anywhere, we recommend setting them up here to maximize publicity!

The economy is set up with diamonds and iron. 100 iron ingots = 1 diamond. In order to purchase an item, you must have the payment in your inventory. In order to sell an item, you must have room in your inventory. The same applies for chest shops, meaning you won't be able to accept sell requests unless you are carrying around change! If you are offline, purchases and sales will still work with your inventory, so long as you have sufficient cash.

What is DartCraft?

DartCraft is a MineCraft server designed for nearly Vanilla MineCraft play. There aren't a lot of fancy plugins. We try our best to get a mix of both fun and simple gameplay.

Who can play on DartCraft?

Anyone can! Just because we're based out of Dartmouth doesn't mean we can't expand our borders!

How can I get started?

You can join our server just by logging into dartcraft.no-ip.org! If you don't have a MineCraft account and are a Dartmouth Student, click here!